Jess is a Wanderer at Te Paki Sand Dunes

Jess is a Wanderer braved the scolding hot sand of Te Paki sand dunes to have a wild time surfing the great sandy banks on a body board.

Whilst the drive to the northernmost part of New Zealand – Cape Reinga – is long and arduous, the scenery is certainly to be admired. If you do find that you are feeling a little sleepy along the way, do stop at Te Paki and wake yourself up with a mouthful of sand and crispy as you hurtle down the mounds at break neck speed.
Body boards can be hired from the car park area for a fee. Pick up a board for a few dollars less along SH1 – there are a couple of residences offering cheaper rent with flexible return times. It’s a win-win situation. Apart from the mouthful of sand and burnt feet.
Fortunately, Te Paki stream flows along the base of the sand so you can have a little rinse off once you’re done. Time in right and go full skinny dipping if there’s no one around. Alternatively wait until you’re home to find that you have sand in places you didn’t know you had places!
Watch the video of our little adventure here: