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Langtang Gosainkunda Trek
Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

Just a few hours’ drives from Kathmandu, there lies one of the gorgeous trekking destinations in Nepal, i.e. Langtang Gosaikunda region. Surrounded by the mountains in the valley that is just within the reach of 69 miles from the heart of Nepal which is the nearest and comfortable trek that you can have from Kathmandu also within a short period of time (12 days trek).

Sharing the common border with the Tibet in the north, the land is rich in both nature and culture. Located in the Rasuwa district, the region is also known as “The Valley of Glacier” and “The Land of Tamangs” as the majority of the land is inhabited by Tamang residence and their rich culture. You will get see the Monasteries, Primitive style houses and even taste the delicious local Yak Cheese.

Viewing the sunrise in the morning, having a relaxing walk through the peaceful forest during the day, and witnessing the magnificent Himalayan sunset in the evenings is something worth experiencing. Reaching the highlands up to the altitude of 5000m, you will be walking in the highlands with delightful forest, beautiful scenario and lush wild nature.
The Holy Gosaikunda Lake (4300m), is an alpine freshwater lake visited by thousands of pilgrim’s during the full moon in May and August by pilgrim’s and other national and international travelers is a popular spot consisting of an exotic 108 small and medium-sized glacier lakes scattered around, Surrounded by the delightful forest and beautiful surrounding is the main attraction.

The region falls inside the Langtang National Park covering the area of 1,710 square kilometers which is also rich in Flora and Fauna. With the major vegetation occupied by rhododendrons, pine trees, and bamboo, the region is famous for the rare Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Musk Deers Himalayan Black Bear and Himalayan Thar along with many more species of birds and animals.

The local hotels and lodges are there to welcome you with comfortable accommodation facilities, serving you the new taste of Typical Nepali as well as other continental foods. With every footprint to leave behind, take the beautiful memories back home that lasts your lifetime. The trip is an overall mixture of adventure beauty, remoteness, and nature, which is not enough once.

The Langtang Gosaikunda Trek can do from September to November during the autumn and spring season from March to May are the best months for trekking with clear weather and the favorable temperature. Spending some time in nature during the limited time we have in this “Journey of our Life” is the way that helps us to discover ourselves, inner-voice and our true potential. So, book your agent and flight tickets to Nepal!!! Cause sometimes, “tomorrow becomes never!!!”.